52 Collection

Strijdom van der Merwe
108 pages / Full colour

The 52 collection is unique in the sense that it challenged me to create new work on a weekly basis. What makes it even more special is the fact that it’s a collection of work that runs over a year, capturing all the seasons. It is a dedicated 52 weeks in an artist’s creative process that can never be repeated again in the same way. Now for the first time through NFT’s these 52 weeks gives people ownership of my work which was never possible before.

Working in nature, you realize that you’re part of the cycles of nature. Whatever you do is a growing understanding and sharpening perception of these cycles which eventually also are the cycles of life: growth-change, creation-destruction, life-death. To understand the site that you are working in and its surrounding areas you have to get in conversation, in meditation with nature while you work. The beauty is in the fact that the work will be ephemeral, savoring that moment while creating it, because that moment will never exist again.

This well documented collection of works with my personal thoughts about each of the 52 is probably the closest that you can get into the mind of the artist.

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Artistic interventions with the landscape.
Strijdom van der Merwe

This book, published in 2011, consisting of 184 full-colour images mostly covers the artist’s work produced from 2005 – 2011

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Artistic interventions with the landscape.
Strijdom van der Merwe

This is the second edition of the book that was published in 2005 consisting of 110 pages full-colour images showing the artist’s earlier work prior to 2005

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Strijdom van der Merwe en Landkuns 
by Carina van der Walt

This book is only in AFRIKAANS and consists of 278 pages of full-colour images. The author of the book: Carina van der Walt gives a background on Land art and the connection between poetry and the arts and especially the connection with the work of the artist: Strijdom van der Merwe. This book can be seen as a well-documented history of the artist’s work, not just land art but also sculpture in general. A good reverence for all researchers and students.

This book can be purchased from:

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  2. TAKEALOT: https://bit.ly/2T555ZJ          
  3. ITSI: https://bit.ly/343I3sP         

Documentation, Artist in Residence
WhiteSpaceBlackBox, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Curated by Friederike Schmid
23 February – 26 March 2019