The new documentary feature film from director Victor van Aswegen is currently in production, with filming scheduled to complete in December 2021.

Sculpting This Earth follows the primordial cycle of the seasons, with new materials and fresh opportunities for land art works in each. The film starts in midsummer, when Stellenbosch’s hot wind-blown days dissolve into lingering warm evenings, then modulates into autumn with its abundance of colours in the many forests on the hills and in the valleys on the outskirts of the town.

Winter brings the rains in this Mediterranean climate, but only cold to the cloudless skies over the arid Karoo. With the arrival of spring and the return of summer at the end of the film we have seen the artist at work in nature during all four seasons over the course of a year – sharing a body of work produced in the year he turned sixty.

Coming soon: releasing early 2022.